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May 10th 2022 – NEWS

Dear clients and collaborators,

We are pleased to announce that Agence Rubik has acquired Infosign Media, a leader in the dental sector for more than 15 years. Infosign Media offers turnkey marketing solutions and digital displays, such as the Servdentist network in nearly 600 dental clinics in 7 countries.

Infosign Media and Agence Rubik have been collaborating for several years and therefore, already enjoy the benefits of a trusting relationship. Yves Corsi, President and Founder of the Company, hands over the reins to both shareholders, Valérie Durand and Marc-André Pariseau, with whom he shares fundamental values. Mr. Corsi is confident that the agency will perpetuate the efforts initiated with his clients. In order to pass along this knowledge and to accompany them in this new chapter, he will pursue his career at their side and will continue to be involved in Infosign Media’s operations.

The unification of both companies seeks to strengthen and consolidate the research and development projects carried out by Infosign Media. Agence Rubik wishes above all to make their expertise and their skills available to their clientele. This is a clear added value for all clients, current and future.

In addition to pursuing its primary mission to support dental centres with all their communication needs, Infosign Media will henceforth offer several new services thanks to Agence Rubik’s know-how. It will now be possible to set up multi-channel marketing strategies, to conceive a strong brand image, to develop innovative websites as well as automation tools, while ensuring the consistency of the message and the image in all their forms.

Agence Rubik’s team is extremely proud to have had the opportunity to continue the excellent work accomplished by Infosign Media in recent years. The agency’s president, Mrs. Durand, ensures that the satisfaction of InfoSign Media’s clients will remain a priority.

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